[A selection of nonfiction (freelance) work]


STOP AND TAKE NOTE | THE GRITTY ROCK OF SWITCHES (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Oct. 3rd 2014)

FOREIGN/NATIONAL | LIFE TOURIST (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Aug. 29th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | GRAVEYARD CLUB ~ THE NIGHT IS MINE (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 22nd 2014)

INTRODUCING | V E N N (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 22nd 2014)

TOTD | 259; GRAND COUSIN ~ OXYGEN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 11th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | FRANCESCA FIORE ~ TANGLEMOUTH (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 11th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | TĀLĀ ~ ON MY OWN IN HUA HIN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. June 5th 2014)

TOTD | 236; BIG SEARCH ~ ROLE REVERSAL (GoldFlakePaint, publ. May 15th 2014)

TOTD | 235; CONVEYOR ~ THEME I (MONSTER RALLY REMIX) (GoldFlakePaint, publ. May 14th 2014)

TOTD | 226; SHUNKAN ~ DUST IN YOUR EYES (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Apr 27th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | CINEPLEXX ~ TE QUIERO (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Apr 17th 2014)

TOTD | 217;JARBIRD - MORE BAD CELEBRITY POETRY (GoldFlakePaint,publ. Apr 8th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | THEE AHS ~ DOES IT STILL COUNT (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Mar 11th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | ANG LOW ~ VOODOO WOMAN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Feb 27th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | VIKESH KAPOOR ~ Bottom of the Ladder (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Feb 12th 2014)

'Now Playing (Again): "Fort McMoney"' (The Independent, publ. Feb 7th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | Passenger Paru ~Dirt Nap (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 23rd 2014)

FRESH LICKS | QUILT ~ Tie Up The Tides (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 19th 2014)

FRESH LICKS | THE MAGIC GANG ~ SWALLOW (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 17th 2014)



'IDFA 2013: The Endless Frontier of Interactive Reality' (The Independent, publ. Dec 1st 2013)



'IDFA 2012: Documentary as an Event Born by Accident' (The Independent, publ. Dec 12th 2012)

'Interview with Raul Fuentes' (World Cinema Amsterdam 2012)

'Review: A Case de Alice' (World Cinema Amsterdam 2012)

'Review: Todo el mundo tiene a alguien menos yo' (World Cinema Amsterdam 2012)

'Review: Estrada para Ythaca" (World Cinema Amsterdam 2012)

'Screening: The Story of Service Vous Êtes Servis' (Cine Migratorio 2012)

'Abendland to open Cine Migratorio' (Cine Migratorio 2012)



PANORAMA EVENT NIGHT #2 – LET’S GET PHYSICAL (Impakt, publ. Nov 6th 2011)

BLOG: BETWEEN ART AND CINEMA WITH “BABEL” (Impakt, publ. Oct 27th 2011)

BLOG: VIDEOGRAMME EINER REVOLUTION (Impakt, publ. Oct. 25th 2011)

The Right to Know: Yes, We Camp (Impakt, publ. Sept15th 2011)